About us

This site is about the events leading up to the wedding of Chris Window and Meredith Cling.

Chris is a wild and crazy guy who loves his two labs and outdoors. He can be found hikingĀ all the time and has his mind set that we’ll be getting kayaks soon and he’ll be able to put all three dogs in one with him(I also have a dog!). He’s crazy.

I’m Meredith but everyone calls me Mere. I’m the quiet shy one who wanted this blog to document our crazy lives before we got married. I prefer a book and cozy fires but during this summer, I haven’t done much reading. I’m sure that’s because of the planning… Well I hope at least.

We’re both real estate agents, how we met, and he’s definitely the more outgoing one of the relationship. I win the ladies over by letting them talk and being a good listener.

Oh, the purpose of the blog… I wanted something documented to demonstrate how crazy things have been and to be able to reflect on it years later. Maybe it’ll grow when we have kids and new adventures.

Well, I’m excited to write my first real post about this past week! If you need to reach me, go here.

Thank you,