First Post – Wahoooo!

I was hoping to post yesterday, I’m not sure where this weekend has gone!

The big day is 2 months from tomorrow!! Holey Moley Batman! I feel like we have been working on the details for a million years, so to be this close  – its exciting, thrilling and darn right scary… lol

Its been an insane summer, between the details for the big day, the house renovations and work, I don’t feel like Chris and I have had as much ‘us’ time, but my wonderful man decided to surprise me with an amazing date last night and some much needed time together,  I sure do love this man!  I feel rejuvenated and ready to attack this next week.

Tomorrow I need to finalize the food and flowers. My MIL thought it best to wait till closer to the our date to see what would be available, since both are affected by the season.

The food is being taken care of at The Lodge- (our venue is so amazing!), I just need to touch base with them and make sure that everything is still available and that I can still get my gluten free meal for Uncle Bob.  Flowers are pretty easy too. I’m a sucker for daisies- they are so colorful and happy! Usually Gerber Daisies in October are good, I never thought I would know that little piece of information, but wedding planning makes you an expert on lots of new things. So a couple quick calls tomorrow and my work is done for the day – maybe I can get a little reading in… maybe I’m just dreaming…. hahaha

Before I let you go, let me give you a little scoop on what has happened up to this point – cliff notes version… you may want to sit down for this… 🙂

Our wedding venue was a given, both Chris and I knew it was the place the moment we saw it. The Lodge On Echo Lake – perfection! We have invited just over 100 guests and The Lodge has room for our out of towners or anyone that wants to stay the night. Chris and I will stay there our wedding night- the bridal suite is amazing!. I don’t feel like I could say enough good stuff about The Lodge. Its just so Chris and I.

We opted to have a small wedding party- Chris’ best friend growing up will be his best man and my sister will be our maid of honor. Both of our mothers weren’t too happy about this, but this was one thing we stuck to our guns on.  They would have preferred if we had all the cousins as well, it was just too much chaos. I love my family, but we wanted our wedding to feel small and intimate.

Choosing colors was somewhat of a struggle with the moms too. I like color. Bright happy color. But, I decided to choose my battles and let the moms win this one :). As long as I have my happy colorful flowers  I am ok . So we decided on a much subdued shade of purple  and light teal. I didn’t want to totally blend in with the fall leaves… The colors have come together really well. I will try and get some pics posted soon.

Alright, enough for tonight. I need to be up early to show a house to the cutest little family. Its been a pleasure and I will do my best to get on tomorrow and fill in some of the other details and some of the things we have coming up. G’night all!

October 22nd, yeah baby!

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