First Post – Wahoooo!

I was hoping to post yesterday, I’m not sure where this weekend has gone!

The big day is 2 months from tomorrow!! Holey Moley Batman! I feel like we have been working on the details for a million years, so to be this close  – its exciting, thrilling and darn right scary… lol

Its been an insane summer, between the details for the big day, the house renovations and work, I don’t feel like Chris and I have had as much ‘us’ time, but my wonderful man decided to surprise me with an amazing date last night and some much needed time together,  I sure do love this man!  I feel rejuvenated and ready to attack this next week.

Welcome to chaos!

Hi all,

Chris here. This is probably my first and only post.

Lets get to it… we’re here because my beautiful fiance Meredith wanted to document our journey before we get married in a few months. So the reason we’re all here is to celebrate this crazy adventure Chris Window and Meredith Cling are on as we prepare for our wedding day.

We already bought an old house we’re trying to renovate, we have 3 dogs, and I’m pretty sure our parents on boths sides are more neurotic about this wedding than we are.

That’s about it from me. I’ll let Mere do the rest!